Scientific Program


Keynote Talk

Jan Huisken. University of Göttingen. Germany

FLAMINGO: Multiscale Lightsheet microscopy inside and outside the optics lab.

Session I: Mesoscopy and Organism imaging

Laura Batti. Wyss Center. Switzerland

“Plunge” into the brain using Lightsheet microscopy.

Selected speakers

Julien Colombelli. IRB Barcelona. Spain

Hyperpolarized scattered Lightsheet microscopy for label free cleared tissue imaging.

Emilio J. Gualda. Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Spain

Development of microscopic techniques (LSFM, OPT and tissue clearing) for the visualization of plant–root-knot nematode interaction.

Antonio Martínez Sielva. Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha. Spain

Imaging calcium in the beating heart of zebrafish larvae: influence of mechano-electrical feedback.

Session II: Functional imaging

Clara Sánchez Rodríguez. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich. Switzerland

Diving into plant biology through in vivo Spinning Disc Confocal microscopy.

Yolanda R. Carrasco. Centro Nacional de Biotecnología. Spain

Applying functional microscopy to dissect B lymphocyte dynamics and the undelying molecular mechanisms.

Selected speakers

José Javier Ruiz. Institut de Ciències Fotòniques. Spain

Label-free characterization of breast cancer cells resistant to neoadjuvant treatments by Raman micro-spectroscopy imaging.

Margarita Ferriz. Centro Nacional de Biotecnología. Spain

Imaging of the peritoneal cavity in mice during infection and metastatic tumor growth.

Session III: Super-resolution microscopy

Peter Dedecker. KU Leuven. Belgium

More informative imaging with ‘smart’ probes and PSF engineering.

Jan Tonnesen. Achucarro Basque Center for Neuroscience. Spain

Imaging the neuropil in live mouse brain slices by STED microscopy.

Selected speakers

Xavier Casas Moreno. KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Sweden

Software and hardware integration for high-throughput nanoscopy.

David Valdivieso González. Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Spain

Expansion microscopy of biofilms from nosocomial pathogens.

Javier Díez Guerra. Centro de Biología Molecular Severo Ochoa. Spain

Expansion microscopy: application to the localization of proteins in the synaptic environment.

Session IV: Functional imaging at subcellular resolution

Ángel Orte. Universidad de Granada. Spain

Advanced time-resolved and multiparametric microscopy for FRET/FLIM and beyond.

Carlo Manzo. Universitat de Vic. Spain

Data-driven approaches for the analysis of molecular motion.

Simão Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência. Portugal

Volumetric light-sheet imaging.

Selected speakers:

Antonio Lorca Cámara. Institut de la Vision. France

A flexible Two-Photon endoscope for fast activity imaging and cell-precise optogenetic photo-stimulation of neurons in freely moving animals.

Arturo G. Vesga. Centro Nacional de Biotecnología. Spain

FCS and single molecule tracking to quantify interactions between protein and lipid membranes.

María Leonor Ribeiro. International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory. Portugal

Metabolic imaging of 2D and 3D live cell models using a beam-scanning SYNC-RGB-FLIM microscope.

Session V: Image and data analysis

Gloria Bueno. Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha. Spain

Low-cost microscopy system for river and ocean diatom detection.

Arrate Muñoz-Barrutia. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Spain

Microscopy image analysis to support discoveries in life sciences.

Selected speakers

Santiago Fernández González. Institute for Research in Biomedicine. Switzerland

Immunemap, an open data platform to enable large-scale, image-driven immunological research.

Jorge Valero. Instituto de Neurociencias de Castilla y León. Spain

VOLUMESTJ: a new tool for volumetric estimation in tissue sections.

Gemma Martín. Universitat de Barcelona. Spain

DISJ: new tool to analyze organelles and cell dispersion, distribution and distances in light microscopy imaging.

Pau Carrillo-Barberà. Universitat de València. Spain

High content screening to quantify morphometric features on 3D cultures.

Session VI: Correlative Microscopy

José Javier Conesa. Centro Nacional de Biotecnología. Spain

Cryo-correlative light and electron microscopy.

Mónica Fernández Monreal. Bordeaux Imaging Center. France

Correlative light and electron Microscopy (CLEM).

Selected speakers

Blanca Soler. Centro Nacional de Biotecnología. Spain

Growth hormone remodels the 3D-ultrastructure of the mitochondria of inflammatory macrophages and promotes metabolic reprogramming.

Felipe Viela. IMDEA Nanociencia. Spain

Real-time imaging of the mechanobactericidal action of nanomaterials.

Community Workshops

Michael Weber & Jan Huisken. University of Göttingen. Germany

Hands-on Lightsheet microscopy with Flamingo, the modular and shareable research microscope.

Marta Monteiro & Nuno Moreno. Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência. Portugal.

Manel Bosch. Centres Científics i Tecnològics. Universitat de Barcelona. Spain

Inteligent core facility management.

Luisa Cortes & Gaby Martins. Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology & Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência. Portugal

Sample clearing methodologies.

Gianluca D’Agostino & Ana Oña. Centro Nacional de Biotecnología. Spain

Keys to STED and STORM sample preparation.

José Javier Conesa

Correlative microscopy.

Ana Cayuela & Carlos Óscar Sorzano. Centro Nacional de Biotecnología. Spain

Recurrent image processing tasks in cell and molecular biology using ImageJ.

Posters Flash Talks

Pablo Delgado-Rodríguez. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Spain

DL-based classification of abnormal mitoses on radiated cells.

Jorge Castro-Sangrador. Universidad de Salamanca. Spain

PDK1 kinase functions in Schizosaccaromyces pombe mitosis and cytokinesis.

Laura Nicolás-Sáenz. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Spain

ABANICCO: A new method for unsupervised color segmentation.

José João Vitória. Universidade de Aveiro. Portugal

Optimising the automated analysis of live-imaged mitochondria with the MATLAB tool Mitometer.

Tomás Pais de Azevedo. Algarve Biomedical Center Research Institute. Portugal

Using time-lapse imaging to unravel the dynamics of early chicken embryo elongation.

David Delgado Gestoso. Centro Nacional de Biotecnología. Spain

Cryo-correlative platform in the CRYOEM-CNB facility.

Ana Cayuela. Centro Nacional de Biotecnología. Spain

Flexible single particle tracking and analysis in optical microscopy.

Platinum Sponsor Talk

Kirstin Elgass. Application Development Engineer

ZEISS Elyra 7 with Lattice SIM2. Your Live Imaging System with Unprecedented Resolution.

Tech Bites

Platinum sponsor ZEISS

ZEISS cutting-edge Microscopy.

Gold sponsor Izasa Scientific

New approaches in confocal and label-free imaging.

Gold sponsor Paralab Bio

Paralab BIO – Cutting Edge Technologies for Biosciences

Industry Workshops

• Platinum sponsor ZEISS

Kirstin Elgass. Application Development Engineer

LLS7 and LS 7: New era of volumetric live cell imaging.

Soren Prag. Product & Application Sales Specialist

Celldiscoverer 7: Perform Automated Gentle and Fast Confocal 3D Imaging.

Delisa García. Head of Direct Sales Imaging for EMEA and ROW

Arivis: AI approaches to Image Analysis and Neuron Analysis for Big Data.


• Gold sponsor Izasa Scientific

Alexandra Schroeder & Zuzana Nováková. Application Specialists Telight

LiveCodim: Conical diffraction microscopy for super-resolution live cell imaging & Quantitative Phase Imaging: pictures where every picogram counts.

Herman Fennema. Application Specialist Nikon

Expand to lifetime imaging: A seamless integration of AX point scanner confocal and FLIM.

Benoit Binctin. Sales Engineer Andor

BC43 – The benchtop confocal by Andor – compact, fast, easy and superb image quality at affordable cost.


• Gold sponsor Paralab Bio

Adolfo Molejón, Product Manager Paralab Bio

Real-time IntraVital Microscopy (IVM): In Vivo Cellular-level Imaging of Internal Organs in a Live Animal.

Martin Humphry. CEO Phasefocus

From 96-wells to single cells: Introduction to high content live cell assays on Livecyte.

Beniamino Barbieri. President ISS

Microscopy Tools for Quantitative Cell Biology with Single-molecule Sensitivity


• Silver sponsor Evident Olympus

Stefan Marawske. Sales & Application Specialist

IXplore SpinSR: The big picture of small things – Intelligent sample detection


• Silver sponsor Leica microsystems

Jens Peter Gabriel. Advanced Workflow Specialist EMEA, Confocal Microscopy

Explore new dimensions with STELLARIS: How your imaging applications can benefit from fluorescence lifetime-based information.


• Silver sponsor Miltenyi Biotec

Luis Miguel Muñiz Menéndez. Imaging Sales Specialist

Full context microscopy: the MACSimaTM platform.


• Silver sponsor Thermo Fisher Scientific

Sarawuth Wantha. Product Applications Specialist

Advanced imaging data analysis and visualization for optical microscopy.